Supreme is the main Role-Playing character of SupremeLegacy. Supreme is a human pirate.

Japanese Name: Unknown
Romanized Name: Unknown
English Name: Supreme
Affiliations: Unnamed Pirate Crew
Occupations: Captin of unnamed Pirate crew
Age: 26
Birthday: March 17
Height: 184.8 cm
Weight: 74.41 kg
Bounty: Bsymbol
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Shoukan-Tendou Fruit
English Name: Summon-Gravity Fruit
Type: Mixture


Supreme's personality is sorta prideful, but like an anti-hero at the same time. He usually claims to people "I am the greatest, and strongest pirate to ever walk the Earth." in exact quote, but is pretty silent unlike Luffy, or other prideful pirates. Which also shows his confidence, as his nickname is "Supreme" but no one knows his true name, nor calls him by anything other than his pirate name.


Supreme has short spiky light blue hair and blue or teal eyes with black outlinings on each one. He also wears six piercings some on his ears, two under his lip and some on his nose . He said to have done them himself as a child, and has kept it like it since. He also wears a long black robe with a red line running down the center along with an armor that covered only his mid-section with a pouch attached to it.


Lead Blade: The "Lead Blade" doesn't stand to it's name in certain areas. It indeed made of a very hard lead, but no, it is no blade. It is like a stick made of lead, with a pointy end. Which can easily pierce through flesh. As explained in the appearance section the piercings wore by Supreme are made of the same lead as the lead blade is.

Powers, and AbilitiesEdit

Devil FruitEdit

Shoukan-Tendou FruitEdit

Supreme's devil fruit have a bit to do with his piercings in his face, and ears. After eating the fruit, he put the piercings in, then the fruit takes affect. Giving him the abilities, and powers of the fruit. If lost or taken out he would lose all of the fruit's abilities until they are put back in. The abilities gained are to be able to summon animals, creatures, and even other people to any specific spot or area, the fruit actually has TWO abilities! Having two parts to the name, Shoukan meaning summon, and Tendou meaning gravity, which grants Supreme the ability to manipulate attractive and repulsive forces.


Unnamed SagaEdit

Fishmen Invasion ArcEdit