Shaun S. Lunar
Shaun S. Lunar
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Devil Fruit
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Shaun S. Lunar is the a commander in the marines.


Although a commander in the marines he is a rather young one. Even younger than most ensigns. He has long white hair that goes to his neck. He also has hair on the bottom of his face, but it does not connect into a beard. He has a sharp tooth sticking out of his mouth with a mustache that doesn't connect above his mouth. He has purple eyes which match his purple shirt which is wrapped with a belt to carry his sword. He wears gray pants and black sandals.


He loves to fight and will fight anyone at that. He loves an opponent that will give him a challenge and likes to get on people's nerves just so they will fight him. He has a confident personality and is not afraid of anything. At times he can be very serious and when he is serious it is not good to play around him. If you do play around him he will got a limb off of you.


  • Zabuza: This sword is a very long sword that is 8 feet long including the handle. Part of it's handle can come off and be put back in. The sword has a hole in it and a part where the blade curves inward.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Shaun is very strong because he is strong enough to lift up that eight feet sword and is strong enough to kick someone 10 yards away with one kick.

Shaun has great speed and can appear before you in an instance with just a sympol dash. His attacks look like flashes of light because they are so fast.

Fighting StyleEdit

Shaun was the student of Master Suisame so he knows Kenjutsu. Although a skilled swordsman. Even with his strength he still has a hard time wielding Zabuza.

Battle ArmorEdit

Shaun has a battle armor for when he goes on an "important" mission for the marines. One that would be very serious and would cause him to need extra stuff.
Shaun battle armor