Rai Striker
Rai Striker
Japanese Name: 電光
Romanized Name: None
English Name: Lightning Striker
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Bounty: None
Devil Fruit
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Rai Striker is a person that works with the Marines.


Found on Raiju Island, the Fishmen tried to captured him. Commander Lunar came shortly after the Fishmen confronted him and asked Rai to help the Marines. Rai accepted and now he helps the Marines.

Appearance Edit

Rai has black hair and brown eyes. He wears a black and white scarf around his neck, with a black short sleeve shirt under a black and silver jacket. He wears black gloves on his hand he wears black pants with black dress shoes.

Personality Edit

Rai has this serious playful personality. He shows his seriousness in a very playful nature. Even when he smiles and he talks in that playful way he is always serious.

He is intelligent and can create a lot battle tactics.

He likes to have fun during building and have fun exploring.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Rai is very light on his feet. People say he is as fast as lightning.

Fighting Style Edit

Rai has a stealth type fighting style where he attacks his enemies when they aren't looking. When they attack him, he simply just dodges and counter.