The list of occupations you can be in this world.

  • Pirate: Travel the seas with your Jolly Roger and accomplish your goal!
    • Captain: The person who leads the pirate crew and gives them directions on what to do.
    • Ship Driver: Ther person who drives the ship across the vast seas. This is sometimes the Captain.
    • Navigator: The person who navigates on where the location is the crew is trying to get to. They say what directions and what routes to take.
    • Cannon Shooters: If your ship has cannons there will be Cannon Shooters to fire the cannons whenever there are nearby enemies,
    • Chef: The person who cooks the food for the crew to survive.
    • Doctor: The person who gives them medical care when they are sick or injured.
  • Marine: Capture and put those pirates in their place. Show them who's the law!
    • Leutinent: Leutinent of one of the captains of the marines.
    • Chef: The person who cooks the food for the marines.
    • Doctor: The person who gives medical care to injured or sick marines.
    • Ensign: The lowest rank of the marines that are given uniform that says justice on the back.
  • Bounty Hunter: Recieve wanted signs and search across the world looking for the bounty!
  • Bandit: You are a bandit go ahead and go steal some treasure!
  • Assassin: Assassinate for political reasons or your own personal reasons!

Occupations You Must EarnEdit

  • Gorosei: Be the rulers of the world (and the wiki) and keep everything in check.
  • Shichibukai(Available ONLY to pirates): Keep pirates in check and complete task for the World Government.