Lizard D. Noizy
Japanese Name: None
Romanized Name: None
English Name: Noizy
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Bounty: Bsymbol113,000,000
Devil Fruit
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Noizy is the captain of the pirate crew The Palmtree Pirates and a former Marine.


Fishman Invasion ArcEdit


Noizy's FIRST wanted poster.

To Be Announced when the arc starts.


Noizy is an awesome pirate that loves to eat and fight people and go on adventures!

Noizy after being struck by Sables.



He hates Marines so whenever he cross paths with Sables he tells him "Step in my way I kick your ass!"They use to be best friends before Noizy left the Marines and became a pirate..More as the Roleplaying happens.

Bredrum HaranEdit



Devil FruitEdit

Noizy uses the reicarnation fruit of Pika Pika No Mi called Lazer Lazer No Mi which allows the user to control light energy and since this fruit has became stronger he is able to control the light waves around of people also allowing him to control the person.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Fighting StyleEdit

Noizy fights with a slight boss like personality and starts a battle toying with his opponent.He always has his cigar(s) in his mouth but if you knock his cigars out of his mouth or he spits them out, then he's pissed and your done for!He usually fights in a style of Aokiji/Kuzan.

Physical AbillitiesEdit

Noizy has the ability to jump really high and far.