New Suisame
Japanese Name: 水のサメ
Romanized Name: Suisame
English Name: Water Shark
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Bounty: None
Devil Fruit
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Suisame is a shark fishman and a captain in the marines and is known for his giant sword.


Suisame has light blue skin with gills on his face to help him breath under water. He has small circular blue eyes and dark blue spiky hair that sticks up. He wears a headband around his head with a metal plate to defend against attacks to the head. He wears an all black jacket with a red inside and red zipper with some white black-striped arm sleeves that have a light blue on each end. He wears a strap around his jacket to hold his giant sword. He wears blue pants black sandals that go up to his ankle.


Suisame has a playful, careless personality. He likes to have fun a lot, but even with that being said he can get angry if something annoys him enough. He gets quite bored easily as a lot of opponents he faces to lose his boredom has strength nowhere near his. He is loyal to the marine commander and is very responsible getting his job done. He is very merciful in fights as he is so strong he doesn't need to kill a person to win.


  • Shark Scales: Shark Scales is a sword that is not meant to cut through the opponent's skin but to rather shave the opponent's skin. It rapped up inside wraps and each time it hits someone the raps come off more and more.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Suisame has immense physical strength being able to knock someone away with one punch of his bare hands. That is also how he is able to weild his giant sword with his hand.

Suisame also has great durability on his skin meaning he is able to stop a sword with his bare hands. Even if someone slashes at him, one slash will simply leave a mere cut not even a deep cut.

Suisame has extreme endurance being able to take the most deadly hits and still keep going using only a little bit of his power.

Fighting StyleEdit

Suisame uses Kenjutsu being able to wield a sword with great skill. Though he favors fighting only his brute strength he uses his Kenjutsu when neccessary.

Devil FruitEdit

Suisame has gained powers to take away the energy of an opponent and using it as his own by eating the Take-Take Fruit making him really strong. This gives him the advantage because he can use this ability through his sword making each slash from his sword make the opponent lose energy and get transfered to him.