Mars is the main Role-Playing character of Goten66. Mars is a human pirate.

Japanese Name: Mars
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English Name: Mars
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Bounty: Bsymbol300,000,000
Devil Fruit
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He likes to keep things light and makes jokes in dark situations. A lot of people take his jokes the wrong way though, since he can be a bit of a smartass. He can get serious if someone threatens him, his friends or his family.


Supreme has short spiky snow white hair, and bright green/blue eyes. He is fairly tall but shorter than most of his crewmates. He has light skin. He wears many different things, and really doesn't look like much of a pirate.


He usually has a sword on his back. He also carries around many daggers all over his person. He carries a revolver on his belt.

Powers, and AbilitiesEdit

Agility: Mars is very agile and is always moving around during fights. He jumps often and does many flips. He is much more agile than the average pirate.

Swordsmenship: Mars is very good with any blade and this combined with his agility makes him very deadly in close combat.

Intellect: Mars seems to act kind of dumb but is actually very smart.

Devil FruitEdit

Koutetsu-Tetsu FruitEdit

This devil fruit allows Mars to turn parts of his skin into any metal of his choice. It can be very useful in combat as it makes him almost invulnerable to normal guns and blades. Even though parts of his body, or all of it, can be covered in metal he doesn't lose any agility while using this.

Mouka-Mouka FruitEdit

This fruit allows Mars to fire huge blasts of fire by snapping his fingers to create friction. He can just shoot the blasts are make the blasts happen at a specific place. He can also change the power and range of the blasts. He rarely uses this fruit because he dislikes harming people.