Isaac D. Fiend
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Affiliations: none
Occupations: pirate
Age: 17
Birthday: November 22nd
Height: 5' 9
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Bounty: 20,000,000
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: kaze kaze no mi
English Name: wind wind fruit
Meaning: wind
Type: logia

owned by Break D. Void

Isaac is a pirate that is from Xernos Village he is part of the skyline pirates.

Appearance Edit Edit

Isaac has white spiky hair and golden yellow eyes, He has a large scar on his forehead which he covers with a pair of goggles. his clothing varies.

Personality Edit Edit

Isaac is very serious and straight to the point, he tries his best to make friends and interact with people. Isaac also seems to have a sad look in his eyes despite him trying to hide it.

Abilities and Powers Edit Edit

Physical Abilities Edit Edit

He has above average strength but is not as strong as most other pirates.

He has incredible speed allowing him to dodge almost all attacks, his speed is further boosted by his devil fruit but is difficult to control in the heat of battle.

Fighting Style Edit Edit

he prefers to fight in his own way, only occasionally using martial arts he learned from his master in difficult situations.

Devil Fruit Edit Edit

Isaac has eaten the kaze kaze no mi (wind wind fruit) allowing him to become, create, and manipulate the wind.