Iron Soul Pirates
Iron Soul
Japanese Name: 鉄の魂の海
Romanized Name: Tetsuno Tamashiino
English Name: Iron Soul Pirates
Captain: Black Steel Gajeel
Main Ship: TBA
Total Bounty: Bsymbol200,000,000
Iron Soul Pirates Logo Iron Soul Pirates (鉄の魂の海賊, Tetsuno Tamashiino Kaizoku) are a pirate crew that began in the South Blue. They are an infamous Pirate Crew that fights to opress the strong in order to better themselves. They led by the infamous pirate captain; Black Steel Gajeel.


After disbanding his small time gang, Gajeel looked to become a more wellknown outlaw. Looking to sail the world and challenge the authority of the sea, he began his own Pirate Crew from scratch. He first found the cursed cat; Pansara Ruri as he recognized his wish to become powerful. The two similar beings became immediate allies and officially began the "Iron Soul Pirates", named after Gajeel's Soul of Iron (inspired by his Devil Fruit).

Later the two found two small time theives who happened to be siblings. Orphaned at birth they looked to prove themselves, Gajeel offered them a chance to be more and get back at the world for leaving them alone. He gave them names and a purpouse aboard the Iron Soul Pirate Crew.

Crew MembersEdit

Iron Soul Pirates
Gajeel Ruri Bosque Jury
Gajeel Ruri Bosque Jury

Crew StrengthEdit