Bounty is issued by a government offical or by the police. The career of Bounty Hunters is to find and capture the wanted people. Bounties are issued with a "Dead or Alive" disclaimer, meaning the reward will be paid so long as the threat gets eliminated.

Pirate CrewsEdit

  • Pirate Crews are a crew of pirates that work together.
  • Pirate Crews are started by someone looking to recruit someone for a crew which are the pirate captains.

Jobs of the Pirate CrewEdit

  • Captain: The person who leads the pirate crew and gives them directions on what to do.
  • Ship Driver: Ther person who drives the ship across the vast seas. This is sometimes the Captain.
  • Navigator: The person who navigates on where the location is the crew is trying to get to. They say what directions and what routes to take.
  • Cannon Shooters: If your ship has cannons there will be Cannon Shooters to fire the cannons whenever there are nearby enemies.

Role-Play InfoEdit

  • You mainly Role-Play in chat. There will be a few times where you role-play on pages.
  • In chat your journey will be narrated by someone and you can only Role-Play when there is a narrator around. Narrators also act as the Role-Play meaning they will be the characters in the Role-Play, the animals, the storms and etc.
  • You Role-Play by doing actions. To do actions you use asterisk which are these " * ". You put an asterisk before and after every action you do like this for example: *Punches Sea King*
  • When talking out of Role-Play you must put parenthesis around your sentences like this for example: (I'll be right back)