Japanese Name: 魚人
Romanized Name: Gyojin
Literal Meaning: Fish man
English Name: Fishmen, Mermen (4kids)
Homeland: Fishman island
Features: Fish-like features
Slave Price: Bsymbol1,000,000
Fishmen are one of two species that dominate the seas (the other being the merfolk).

Appearance Edit

Appearance-wise, they are more "fish-like" than merfolk, looking like a cross between a man and a fish of the ocean such as a whale shark, manta ray, or sawshark; however, they still have legs (in fact, Decken has four). They also have gills between their shoulders and necks, sometimes covered by their clothing, as well as most having webbed hands. Depending on species, they may have multiple limbs (mainly extra arms).