The New Crew
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Episode Information
Season 1
Saga TBA
Arc Fishmen Invasion Arc
The New Crew is the second episode of One Piece Adventures.


The pirate that said "Heh...I have a plan..." let his pirate crew get beat up while he went to go secretly get a cannon. When Mars and Supreme got done fighting they noticed he was gone. They both started to hear this rolling noise, then they see it was the pirate. This revealed it was the sound of the cannon being rolled. Not only do they hear rolling but they smell something burning. As they look closer it is the stringer of the cannon burning, and the string gets done burning causing the cannon to fire blowing away buildings, trees and houses.

Supreme creates a barrier of gravity around him and Mars, using his Devil Fruit, to stop the cannon ball, but the force of the ball breaks through the gravity. Supreme somehow reacts fast enough to duck, but Mars gets hit. Mars doesn't explode though as he covered himself in metal right before he got hit. The force of the cannon ball sent Mars flying through a building.

This caused Mars to be mad. Mars rushes at the pirate who was revealed to be a lieutenant by his attire. The lieutenant through a piece of wood that was on fire but Mars easily dodged. Mars jumped over the cannon and stomped the lieutenants face in, causing the lieutenant's cigar to go down his throat and cause him to choke.

The lieutenant wasn't finished yet and swallowed gun powder causing the fire and the gun powder to create an explosion pretty much using himself as a bomb. An explosion happened knocking Mars into a pile of wood and knocking Supreme back. Little did they know that a pirate named Tre was watching the fight. Supreme got angry and started to levitate into the air. Supreme quickly turned back to normal though and Tre randomly hit him int he side.

The buildings and trees burn down and Mars and Supreme leave. Mars and Supreme find an abandoned medium sized ship that says "Owner: Captain Ghost Face" on it. Mars and Supreme get inside the ship while Tre is on the side. This causes Supreme to ask Tre if he is a pirate, and if he is to join his crew. Tre joins and Supreme leaves to go get supplies. When Supreme gets back they see Marine Ships coming to Mock Town. Off they go... to start their journey as a newly made pirate crew!