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Chan Lee is a young 14 year old bounty hunter in training.


It is unknown as to where Chan Lee was born. He is a nomad, as he travels around a lot and does not stay in a place for a long time.


Chan is nice and respectful. But, he can be hotheaded and rash and quick to fight though.He's helpful and he is always active

Appearance Edit

Chan has short Blonde hair, and he's well built. He has a white shirt that is tucked in blue jeans and from the top.He also has brown fingerless gloves and a brown head wrap scarf. He carries a back pack.


A magical set of daggers that never run out.

Tubes of poison.

A sword.

Two sai.

Bow and ifinite amound of arrows.


A lot of disguises and costumes.

Water canister.


Abilities and PowersEdit

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Chan has amazing accuracy which is helpful for his bow and arror and knife throwing. This makes his chance of missing an attack at someone slim.

Chan is slim and light on his feet. This makes him able to move very quickly and jump very high.

Fighting StyleEdit

Excells in various martial arts. Namely, Karate, Taekwondo, Lui He Ba Fa, and the Lotus styles.

Devil FruitEdit

Infin-Infin Fruit-This fruit allows the user to gain an infinite amount of almost anything except his own body(like infinite amount of blood, skin, and health). Making him have an infinite amount of weapon supplies.