Brian E. Death
Brian Death
Japanese Name: None
Romanized Name: None
English Name: Brian
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Bounty: 10,000,000
Devil Fruit
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Brian Edward Death (ブライアンエドワード死 Buraian'edowādo shi) is a famous Bounty Hunter who is well known for his work in bounty hunting criminals. He is an ally as an enemy of the marines. Even though he gets paid by the marines they still treat him like crap because their disagreements on how justice shall be brought. People nickname him Kid Death because when he isn't bounty hunting someone, people who try to kill or often the ones who get killed instead. He has the goal to be the best, most successful, most famous, and most skilled bounty hunter in history. He has no fear in doing that and will go against any body.


Brian is a 5'7 teenager that has black hair that is neatly brushed. His black hair somehow has natural white stripes in it on the left side. He has thin eyebrows, gold eyes, pale skin, and a black suit with white straight designs. Finally, what makes his suit really significant is his tooney looking school right in between his collars.


Brian is a calm guy, but as calm he seems. He has serious anger issues. One step off of perfection just pisses him off. His anger can make his performance in battle aggressive and insanely dangerous.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Brian has a surprisingly high ability of reflexes. Within a second of someone attacking him, he can quickly respond and counter. This often puts people in shock and scares them making him not the person to mess with.

Brian Anger

Brian's Superhuman Pain Tolerance from Anger

Brian Pain Tolerance

Brian's Superhuman Pain Tolerance for Perfection

Brian also has superhuman pain tolerance. He can take several critical hits to fatal parts of his body and somehow not be effected. He has been wounded by so many things and yet still manages to be able to ignore the pain and keep fighting without being effected at all. His high confidence and willpower help him, which makes those the greatest traits about him, fighting until death for the sake of perfection. Perfection isn't the only thing that helps him ignore the pain, as he also has anger issues. Once he notices something is not perfect, he will get seriously angry, to where he won't even feel the pain at all, going insane.

Brian's speed is enhanced. He can run very fastly on his feet while moving around with his two guns, shooting. He can quickly move to dodge attacks and to also do certain gun moves.

Fighting StyleEdit

Brian is an expert marksman. Having very good aim, being able to target the vital spots of the body and shoot at it quickly. This also makes him dangerous because if the opponent isn't fast enough they're dead.

Brian uses guns upside down pulling the trigger with his pinkies and holding the handle with the wrest of his hand. He does various types of formations depending on the situation. He uses two hand guns at the same time.