Bredrum Haran
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Japanese Name: None
Romanized Name: None
English Name: Bredrum
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Bounty: 10,000,000
Devil Fruit
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Bredrum Haran is a member of the Gorosei.

Appearance Edit

Bredrum has dark burgandy hair that sometimes appears black. He has and X-shaped scar on his face with a piercing in the middle of his nose, on the bottom of his right ear, and on the top of his left ear. He has red eyes with black lines coming from each end of his eye. He wears no shirt but wears a high collar purple jacket with gold outline and gold button that is closed with one button with a white strap around his shoulder. He wears a long necklace that goes down to his chest with black pants that stop at his ankles and black flip-flops.

Personality Edit

Bredrum is serious and gets down to business. He can be mean and merciless. He is fearless and can get mad really easily. He especially gets mad when you hurt his friends. Although he is serious and can be mean he has heart and will cry for some stuff.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Physical Abilities Edit

Bredrum does not have great strength but has above average strength and is able to through a huge guy with one hand barely trying.

Bredrum's speed is great and can dodge and attack quickly easily. He can move in a flash and do sneak attacks and is also very agile.

Bredrum's endurance is great as he can fight a long time without getting tired. He can fight continously with no effect to him at all.

Fighting Style Edit

Bredrum is like the great Luffy. He does not fight any certain way. He fights his own way. He uses whatever that is neccessary to defeat his opponent except cheap attacks.

Devil Fruit Edit

Bredrum has gained the powers to make illusions by eating the Lusion-Lusion Fruit. He can make any kind of illusion from any part of his body to fit his needs.